We offer riding lessons to first time riders and experienced pleasure riders, as well as to more advanced competition riders on Rottalers bred in our very own stables.

The Rottaler is a rare regional breed of all-round horses selected on their easygoing characters and comfortable gaits.

The hotel owns over 20 horses and a few ponies in various stages of training. So there will be a perfect match for you or your children.

Helmets are mandatory but available so no need to bring your own.

Our 20-40 riding area does have a roof over it but offers a stunning view over the green hills of the Bavarian countryside.

It is possible to book group and private lessons in dressage and showjumping. Or try out horseback riding on the long line.

The fairytale like scenery along the Ilz river trail looks its very best from the back of a horse.


Another great way to explore the region is joining the hotel owner Karl Degenhart when he takes 2 or even 4 horses out for a lovely carriage ride.

For the smallest horse lovers our stables also house a couple of Shetland ponies and a very friendly donkey to pet groom cuddle and ride. 





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